Chouraku 長楽

Location: 沖縄県 国頭郡金武町 金武245番地 (Okinawa, Kin Town, Kin 245 – going north from Naha/Okinawa City on the 329, get off at 金武観音寺) 

Phone: 098-968-7666

Hours: 11:00-18:00 all days except Tuesdays; call in advance if you want to dine after 6pm.  

I introduced Chouraku in the “taro pies” section of this site (theirs won the Champloo award for best filling!), but when you’re not hungry for dessert, they are pure awesomeness as a cafe-restaurant as well.  The staff is very friendly and always go all out to make sure customers are satisfied, especially if the customer is there to eat taro, the specialty of Kin Town and Chouraku’s pride and joy.  The ambience is also nice and cozy,with a big couch and magazines for customers or staff to read while taking some time to relax.  

The menu includes mainstream items such as maguro-don and chicken curry, but when I saw there was a “taro teishoku” on the front page, I didn’t need to think twice.  Here are two different versions: 

Chouraku taro teishoku 1Chouraku taro teishoku 2

The second time I went I asked them to go really overboard on the taro, and as you can see, they did a good job.  Taro soup, taro kara-age, several types of taro dumplings, ringaku (sweet taro paste), something resembling poi (non-sweet taro paste, very hard to come by outside Hawaii!)  Plus a healthy salad with tangy citrus dressing and passion-fruit vinegar.  It would be tough to dream up a more perfect teishoku than this.  For  just 1500 yen, you go home positively stuffed and fully satisfied.  

Items available for take-out include boiled taro (which you would use for cooking your own taro-themed violet-hued meals at home), taro pies, and taro manju (well, it’s a steamed bun about the size of a fist, so more like a taro manapua in Hawaiian terms).  Here are a couple shots of the taro manju, bearing Chouraku’s insignia: 

Chouraku taro manjuChouraku taro manju (filling)

Finally, here are the smiling faces of 4 very satisfied customers: 

Everybody at Chouraku



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