Neo Park restaurant

As is the case with most tourist attractions, Neo Park has a shopping area where you can fill up on samples, healthy, unhealthy, and alcoholic, before sitting down to eat at the restaurant.  I don’t think most people have the best image of theme park food – hey, you go for the main attractions, so if you get hungry wandering around the park you’re stuck paying top dollar for whatever crap is nearby, right?  Naturally, not at Neo Park where most everything else is reasonably priced, like the tickets (6 bucks to get in) and the entrance fee to the petting zoo (1-2 dollars per person depending on the day and how crowded it is – less on an empty day because they want to encourage people to come play with the animals). 

This restaurant only serves lunch (the park is open till 5:30) so since we usually oversleep on weekends and get there around 3, we usually miss our chance to eat before running around with Shibako and Yuusaku in the petting zoo.  We finally got out the door early last weekend and tried the aguu dishes we’d seen advertised.  The big, juicy aguu burger, shown below, exceeded our expectations – it was even better than a burger from Chili’s!  You just don’t get hamburgers this scrumptious, or this hamburger-sized, in Japan very often.  At 1300 yen, it was worth it.  

I don’t know why Rody didn’t take a picture of his food – a ginger aguu teishoku, which is Okinawan pork (aguu) fried with ginger and other vegetables and served atop rice with miso soup, pickles, and other side items – because it was really good, too.  Maybe he just couldn’t be bothered when there was eating to be done?  

If you plan on going to Neo Park, it’s definitely worth getting an early start to eat here!  

Aguu burgerMe and the aguu burger



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