The seafood restaurant in Awase by the sea

Many apologies for the name (or lack thereof).  We went to this restaurant only once, and I was never able to find it again to check the name.  Will ask Rody when he gets home.  

Being located right on the Awase Bay shore, this place always has dibs on the freshest seafood.  It’s not really a restaurant but more like a cafeteria-slash-fish market.  From what I could gather, most of the other diners were fishermen on break from work.  

The cafeteria special is the lobster in uni sauce (1500 yen for a teishoku), shown below: Awase lobster

This lobster is almost as long as my forearm!  The uni sauce, a special recipe sold only here, is pure heaven, creamy and rich (besides being served with the lobster in the cafeteria, it is sold in the market section in containers for 700 yen each so you can use it in your own cooking).  Included in the teishoku are rice (free refills, which unless you’re a 300-pound sumo wrestler you probably won’t need), miso soup, and sashimi (the catch of the day).  

One cool thing about this place is that if for some reason you aren’t full after the generously portioned teishoku, you can sample fresh seafood in the market.  The bad thing about this restaurant is that if you don’t know about it, it’s very difficult to find – it’s not located along a main street, and there are no signs or ads to point you in the right direction – which is a shame, because I’m sure this place would see crowds if more people knew about it.  I promise, I will get you the information, even if I have to make Rody take me there again this weekend!



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