Neo Park (Nago)

Neo Park has become one of the most important parts of my life in Okinawa and one of the main reasons I’m going to have a hard time leaving someday.

Neo Park, just past the MakeMan up the street you end up on when the freeway ends in Nago, is the best zoo in the world.  That’s because at most zoos, you only get to look and not touch.  At Neo Park, you can touch everyone – and you can even feed them and take some of them (the dogs and llamas) for walks around the large grassy area.  Behold.

This Aguu has learned how to stand up!  She was named after me and is the mascot of my Neo Park accessory line.

As of now, Neo Park doesn’t have a whole lot of English information available, and I’m the only semi-staff member (I sell animal accessories at the petting zoo) who speaks or understands any English, so I got entrusted with making all the English language signs and such for the park.  I figured it’d be a good idea to make a section for them here, too.

Please check ‘em out!



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