Taro pies ターンムパイ

Taro pies are quite possibly the yummiest food in existence.  My mission: to eat every taro pie in the world (or at least here in Okinawa) and find out which is #1.  Whether you’re as crazy about taro pies as I am or whether you have no idea what taro is, or even if you have no idea what a pie is, it is my hope that my reviews will help you decide what kind of taro pies to try.  

Read on, and make sure you’ve got Kleenex handy for the inevitable drooling!


***Aiko’s Taro Pie Awards***

Best filling: Chouraku Chouraku taro pie (slice)


Best crust: American*AmericanAmerican*American taro pie (slice)


Best wrapper: Porushe (small souvenir pies) Touristy taro pie (wrapper)


Cutest shape: Yoshiko’s taro pies Yoshiko's taro pie (whole)


Best atmosphere in which to enjoy a taro pie: Chouraku / Cafe Sometime 

Chouraku taro pie (whole)Cafe SomeTime taro pie (whole)


To see full-size pictures of these taro pies and more, just use the links on the right!




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