Castle Bakery キャッスル

Sold at: Castle Bakery, Ginowan City 

Price: 116 yen 

Check out the funny Japanglish on the front! If they’re going to attempt to use English, they really ought to hire one of the many resident native speakers on the island as an editor (or a Japanese person who actually speaks English). Castle Bakery also makes apple pies in the traditional half-moon shape, freshly baked and displayed on a platter on the counter, but these company souvenir-style packaged pies are found on the shelves in the back of the shop. There were 3 different flavors including taro on the shelf when I went there, each selling for 116 yen. 

This is the only taro pie so far to have walnuts in the filling. It was an interesting idea, but the filling tasted like beni-imo rather than taro, although only taro was listed in the ingredients. For a pie from a cake shop, especially a relatively famous one (according to Hiroto) like Castle, it was quite disappointing. Then again, unlike the cakes in the display case, it was made to last with one of those oxygen absorbers just like any other common mass-produced, store-bought pie; but if Porushe was able to do such a great job in that area, you’d think these guys might have done a little better.  

The verdict: I’ve heard very good things about Castle Bakery’s apple pies, but if you’re a taro lover like me, you’d better look elsewhere.  

Castle Bakery taro pie (wrapper)Castle Bakery taro pie (whole)

Castle Bakery taro pie (filling)



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