Daifuku Seika 大福製菓

Sold at: Union Supermarket in Ginowan; the veggie stand in Awase across from the park (closed Mondays) 

Price: 126 yen (small); 472 yen (large) 

I first found a Daifuku Seika taro pie at the veggie stand in Awase, the closest place to my house where produce is sold, when I was looking for a snack to eat in the park.  They only had the little ones, and as I recall they were a hundred thirty-something yen apiece, while at Union it’s 126 for the small ones and 472 for the round, full-sized pie.  But for convenience, it’s good to know the veggie stand sells them too.  

As standard, moon-shaped taro pies go, these are pretty big and heavy – probably the biggest, heaviest standard-sized taro pies I know of – and when you bite into them you can see how thick and dense both the crust and filling are.  They’re baked, not fried, so despite their size, they’re not super dangerous for the diet-conscious taro pie aficionado.  Hiroto and I both loved them.  

A bit of trivia: Daifuku Seika is supposedly best known for their nantu, another Okinawan sweet snack.  It says on the label that they’ve been producing it for a long time.  

Daifuku Seika small taro pie (package, price unknown)Daifuku Seika taro pie (small, whole) Daifuku Seika taro pie (small, filling)



  1. 大福製菓さんのアップルパイとっても美味しいです

    • そうなんですか。。今度沖縄に行ったら食べてみなきゃ!



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