Koshinya コシンヤ

These pies are sold in packs of 4 or 5 at 100 yen per pie at a little table outside of Uruma City Hall.  I discovered this when we went to get the papers to register Rody, an Uruma native, at our new apartment in Okinawa City. Not a place you would normally go to look for taro pies, but there are surprises everywhere!

The Japanese guy selling them told us they were Brazilian style, and then naturally I was asked for the 10,000th time in my life if I wasn’t Brazilian.  Sheesh.  I might as well brush up on my Spanish, learn Portuguese, and then just say yes the next time somebody asks if I’m Latina.  It would make more sense to everyone.  

The unique thing about these pies is the crust – it’s a giant wonton wrapper, deep-fried and as oily as the best Chinese pastry. It’s also extremely thin, making for a wide, flat shape.  Rody didn’t like the crust too much since it was so oily, but we both liked the filling, chewy and with just the right amount of subtle sweetness. The color isn’t the brightest or the purplest, but don’t be fooled – it’s authentically nonprocessed and packed with taro flavor!  (If you’re still skeptical after seeing the photos, I’ll tell you that the filling started to go bad after only 2 days.  You can’t get any fresher than that.)  

Koshinya taro pies (box)Koshinya taro pie (whole)Koshinya taro pie (filling)




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