Ma Fille

Location: Ma Fille bakery (heading Jusco-ward on the 227, it’s on your left just past San-A Supermarket)

Price: 130 yen 

This is the best taro pie from a general bakery I’ve ever had, so good I was unable to stop at just one!  The perfect pairing of a buttery, slightly salty, thousand-layered powdered-sugar-dusted puffy croissant crust with a rich, gooey taro filling almost worthy of a taro specialist was positively heavenly.  

The catch?  They’re not always available.  I stepped into Ma Fille once before, during the summer, and inquired as to whether they made taro pies, and when I was told they did not, I didn’t go back again until this morning when I wanted to buy fresh bread for my almond butter.  So I guess this would be the first limited edition taro pie to make it into my collection.

Ma Fille taro pies (wrapped)Ma Fille taro pie (whole)Ma Fille taro pie (filling)



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