Nakatomi なかとみ

Sold at: the shop all the way down the narrow street just before Ryukyu University when coming down from Okinawa City; there will be a sign pointing you in the right direction.  
Sometimes Nakatomi has a booth at fairs and farmer’s market-type events as well, where they give out samples and sell packs of taro pies at discounted prices.  
Also sold at Riubou Supermarket in Ginowan for the same price.  

Price:  120 yen 

When people in Okinawa hear the word “taro pie”, they usually think of Nakatomi.  Nakatomi is one of the few shops specializing in taro pies alone, and their concentrated focus pays off in the form of delectable taro pies that are freshly baked and still warm when you stop in to order them.  In my opinion, they’re the best standard-sized taro pies around.  The crust is so soft and the fresh taro filling so gooey, the whole thing just melts in your mouth.  It’s too bad I didn’t get that scholarship to Ryukyu University, or else I’d be walking down to Nakatomi to buy lunch every day.  

Nakatomi taro pies (package)Nakatomi taro pie (whole)Nakatomi taro pie (filling)

Sometimes, if you buy a pack of taro pies, the shopkeeper will throw in a taro mochi like this one as an おまけ.  It doesn’t have any sort of an filling inside, but the mochi itself has taro mixed in!  Nakatomi taro mochi

One more unique thing about Nakatomi: they have their own plastic bags featuring a cute cartoon picture of a taro pie .  Wonder why they’re pink and not purple?  Nakatomi plastic bag



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