Noix de Coco

Sold at: the slightly fancy Kanehide in Plaza House, Lycam 

Price: 147 yen 

Noix de Coco is another one of those bakeries that sells fresh taro pies (and by fresh I mean not sealed in plastic with one of those oxygen moisturizers and a best-by date within a few days of the day of purchase) to supermarkets, and the Plaza House Kanehide is the only one I know of that sells this one.  There were a variety of other flavors available, such as pumpkin, beni-imo, and blueberry.  

As you may be able to see, it’s decidedly large in size for a standard taro pie, boasting a puffy, round belly stuffed with filling.  The filling was tasty enough, but I prefer fillings as pure in taro flavor as possible, and this one was more like taro an, albeit a well-done taro an (comparable to San-A taro pies’ filling).  

Probably the most noteworthy characteristic of this pie is its unique crust: thick, heavy, and dense, like a really good scone!  Rody said the crust made this pie one of his favorites.  

Noix de Coco taro pie (package)Noix de Coco taro pie (whole)Noix de Coco taro pie (filling)



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