Onna-son Station 恩納村駅

Sold at: the shopping/parking area off the road going to Onna Village 

Price: 120 yen each

Ahh, the memories of this place… I learned to drive in Okinawa in this very parking lot.  Rody was very patient and let me practice in his car, even though he knew most of the minor accidents I caused back in the States were in parking lots.  But back to taro pies… 

We bought a bag of 6, since it was pretty far to get there from our place, and since the last time we went they were sold out and we had to just go home angry and hungry. Plus, we needed something for breakfast the next morning.  

This is one of the smaller half-moon taro pies. Fortunately, the size doesn’t mean they skimped on the filling – it’s oozing out the back of almost every pie. (I chose to shoot this one from the side that wasn’t oozing.)  These pies are almost as oily – no, maybe just as oily – as the Brazilian pies, but with a thicker, flakier, more pie-like crust. The filling is also gooey, melty, and very sweet. Yum!  

Onna-son Station taro pies (bag)Onna-son Station taro pie (whole)Onna-son Station taro pie (filling)




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