Oyama 大山

Sold at: the little green store on the 58 (going north from Naha, it’ll be on the left just past Oyama intersection).  

Price: 550 yen per pack of 5 standard-sized pies, or 1100 yen for a full-sized “oven pie” (meaning baked, not fried).

Oyama is comparable in fame and style to Nakatomi, but for some reason they were closed for a long time.  They only just recently reopened at their new location, and it’s easy to spot even when you’re going full speed down the 58.  I finally got a chance to stop by yesterday, and Rody and I bought a pack of standard pies and an “oven pie”.  The reason for this name, which I found somewhat odd at first, turned out to be that the difference between the two types of pies lies not only in their size and shape, but in the way they are cooked.  The little pies are deep-fried and the full-sized one is, naturally, baked in an oven.  Both were handed to us within minutes, still hot.  

The filling lived up to Oyama’s reputation as a major taro provider: pure, chewy and not overly sweet.  The crust, however, left something to be desired: it was crunchy, not sweet at all, and more like a cracker than a pie crust.  The oil in the fried, wonton-like exterior of the little pies gave it more flavor than that of the large oven pie, but there was, as is usually the case with large taro pies, a higher ratio of filling to crust in the oven pie.  Eating the crust by itself was disappointing, but it actually makes a great pairing with the slightly sweetened filling.  

When all is said and done, the filling is what really counts.  Rody and I would definitely buy Oyama’s pies again.  

Oyama taro pies (package)Oyama taro pies (set)Oyama taro pie (whole)




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