Porushe ポルシェ

Sold at: the Porushe souvenir shop in Yomitan, or Jusco/Max Valu (in the bread/packaged pastry area) 

Price: 120 yen 

“Excellent Cake Taimo Pie” is right!

Porushe is a major pastry manufacturer here in Okinawa, and this taro pie is one of the most commonly found.  This was also the first one I ever tried and the one that got me hooked on taro pies for life.  I’ve eaten more of them than any other, including the 10 I had Hiroto send to me in Yokohama as an “I’m sorry” present after he did something dumb, so this is the standard by which all other taro pies shall be judged.  (Incidentally, you can also find them in the Okinawan goods shop in Yokohama Station near the entrance to Sogo, but there you have to pay 140 yen.  Still, if you must satisfy your craving and no one living in Okinawa has done anything dumb to you, it’s a pretty good deal, and good to know.)  

While this taro pie will always hold a special place in my heart, Hiroto finds it too oily.  Sure, the oil oozes out of it and clings to the inside of the plastic wrapper, but I forgive this as a natural and inescapable characteristic of pies in general.  Besides, if you look at the ingredients, it’s made with nothing worse than margarine.  

Porushe taro pie (wrapper)Porushe taro pie (whole)Porushe taro pie (filling)


This is an alternate variety of Porushe’s taro pie, apparently created especially for tourists to Okinawa from mainland Japan.  You can buy them individually for 90 yen just as a small sample of Okinawan taro for yourself, or in gift boxes of various sizes to bring back for your coworkers on the mainland and make them wish they’d gone to Okinawa over the holidays, too.  

This one definitely wins the award for prettiest packaging, but the pie itself leaves something to be desired.  Also, considering the full-sized Porushe taro pie is only 30 yen more but roughly twice the volume (and more than twice the mass), it’s not the best buy for the money.  The crust is light with lots of air between the flaky layers, and the filling is decent but the amount is too small.  All in all, I suppose it’s a good introduction for those who are hesitant about jumping into the world of taro pies, but a real taro pie aficionado finding himself at a souvenir shop should go with the standard-sized Porushe pie.  

Touristy taro pie (gift box)Touristy taro pie (wrapper)Touristy taro pie (whole)Touristy taro pie (filling)




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