Ryuka Mahoro 琉菓真帆

Sold at: various places

Price: 105 yen

These are sold at kiosks within various large department stores like Jusco and San-A.  The first one I got was from Gushikawa Jusco sometime late last year.  Then, yesterday when I went to San-A Main City, there was a sign saying they had discontinued taro pie production.  When I asked the salesperson why, she said they just weren’t that popular – beni-imo was mixed in with the taro filling, so they didn’t really taste satisfactorily like either.  I had to agree that they weren’t the best in terms of taste, but still, I felt bad for the company and for the taro pies, so I suggested they try again and make a pie with a purely taro filling, and that I looked forward to trying it.  She was a nice lady and seemed up to the challenge.  There were still some taro pies left on the shelf and you can probably snag one before the end of April if you really want to, but I’d recommend the tougan (subui) manju instead.  Those are really yummy.  

Ryuka Mahoro packageRyuka Mahoro (whole)Ryuka Mahoro (filling)




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