San-A taro pie

Location: the San-A supermarket near the Exercise Park in Awase (227号線)

Price: 100 yen

Look how cute and fat it is! Hiroto liked this one for the crust, which was like a crunchy cookie and not oily at all, but the filling tasted ever so faintly of an mixed in with the taro (I believe taro pies’ filling should be pure). Overall, though, not a bad specimen at all.  If you’re lucky, you might find these in the deli section of the Awase San-A – but they’re not there every day.  

San-A taro pie (package)San-A taro pie (whole)San-A taro pie (filling)

I apologize for the extremely poor quality of the final picture.  I hope it still gives you a reasonable idea of what the filling looks like – a pinkish lavender instead of the bluish lavender characteristic of fresh taro.



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