Sold at: Naha Marketplace (the indoor shopping area off Kokusai Street)  

Price: 115 yen 

There are a lot of sweets shops in the Marketplace, mostly selling more common things like andagi and manju, but to my knowledge this is the only one that sells taro pies.  I am no good with directions once I get into that maze, so you’ll have to wander until you find it – or you can do what I did and ask at one of the sweets shops that does not sell taro pies where you can get a taro pie and they might be nice enough to point you in the right direction.  

As you can see, the two taro pies (we bought the last two in the tray that night) are of two very different shapes.  They were made two days apart, so perhaps the person who made them was different?  When we bit into them the next morning, we found a discrepancy in the taste as well – the round pie had a noticeably sweeter crust.  Interesting… Also noteworthy is the entry ファットS in the ingredients list.  Fat-S…?  What is that?  Kind of suspicious, if you ask me… I’ll go and ask what it is next time I’m in Naha, which may not be until next April when Rody and I go to celebrate our second anniversary.  Otherwise, it’s just too humbug to find parking.  Until then, definitely try this one for the thick, chewy crust and the yummy sesame topping, but don’t eat it in large quantities in case Fat-S is something akin to partially hydrogenated whatever-it-is.  

Shimaya (package)Shimaya (whole)Shimaya (whole round)Shimaya (filling)



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