Taro pie combos

Sometimes, just one kind of taro pie isn’t enough.  Not only is it easier to compare and consider the unique taste of each variety when you have them all in one sitting, but they also look oh-so-cute when lined up together.  

Porushe taro pie and Awase veggie stand taro pie

Porushe and Awase veggie shop taro pies (wrapper)Porushe and Awase veggie shop taro pies (bitten)


The 3 worst taro pies I’ve tried: Clockwise from the top, Cafe Brunch taro pie, a taro pie mass-produced and distributed to large stores such as Jusco (name to be checked later), and Castle Bakery taro pie.  Go to their respective pages to find out why they were so bad.  At least they looked nice on the plate together, but that was one disappointing morning.  


3 bad taro pies


American*American taro pie (slice) and San-A taro pie 

American*American taro pie and San-A taro pie




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