Yoshiko Gima’s taro pies 儀間ヨシ子のタームパイ

Sold at: the JA shop near the Futenma intersection in Ginowan City 

Price: 350 yen for 5

These taro pies ruled. Props to their maker, Ms. Yoshiko Gima. I found them at the JA store where I always get my raw taro for cooking (or just nibbling on as I pretend to cook). I was disappointed with the last taro pie I bought at JA, the one made by Cafe Brunch, but these were made by a different baker, so I decided to give them a chance. At 5 super-tiny pies for 350 yen, they better be good!  

The crust was soft and chewy, and since it was so thin, there was a lot of room for taro filling inside despite the small size.  This definitely makes my top 10 list, if not the top 5. It’s just a shame they’re not always available – of about 5 times I went to the JA, this was the only time I found them. Maybe Ms. Gima will find my blog and start selling more pies to the JA…?  

Yoshiko's taro pies (bag)

This is the smallest half-moon pie I’ve ever seen. Sooooo cute! Some of them, like this one, were rounder, but some were longer and more crescent-shaped.  

Yoshiko's taro pie (whole)Yoshiko's taro pie (filling)




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